Saturday, 23 February 2008

For My Fantastic Mr. Fox

Finally manage to make the card for Luke who opens as Mr Fox in "Fantastic Mr Fox" today! Too stressed to find an idea. Need matchsticks for the eyes. Can't see the result! But it's for an early teen who thinks his mum is the best so he won't mind!


Dawny P said...

I'm sure he will love it cos you msde it for him!! Hope it goes well for him. I always struggle with teen cards but I do love that musical brad and I think it's a foxy card !!!! xx

Michelle said...

Excellent stuff - its a great card!!
Male card = nightmare. Teenage male card = HUGE NIGHTMARE! I am hopeless at male cards. Love the wording and of course the brad - great personal touch just for him. Thank you for your lovely comments, they mean a great deal to me. Ive just realised that you are not on my blog roll, Im so used to just typing straight in to your blog. Im off to add it now. Hope you had a nice weekend.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for popping by, and the lovely comments you left. Lake Geneva is beautiful.....and you are so right about our beautiful country losing a lot of its greenbelt.
By the way I am not an expert on crafting but I think its a great card for a teenager, he'll love it. I don't know how u all come up with so many variations.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card:)