Monday, 31 March 2008

So here it is Merry Christmas!

Here is my Big Tree, Little Tree card for this week's challenge from Rainbow Lady. Please take a look. All the supplies came from my local supermarket in the post Christmas reductions, apart from the greeting banner which came from the Lakeland sale!


Rainbow Lady said...

That is such a lovely card SammyJay and I love the red tree.
Thanks for joining in and hope you will be back. Break a leg for the show, hope it goes well. I too am a theatrical person as you will read in my other blog. I was ASM on the first ever amateur production of Les Mis in Bermuda.
Love Cynthia x

Beryl said...

I love the shape of the red tree Sammie Jay.It's a lovely card. Looks like we'll have a few ready for Christmas if we enter this challenge regularly. You have a lot of lovely cards on your blog and I'll be back to see any new ones soon.

Beryl xx

angeljakki said...

Sammie your cards are lovely. There is an award on my blog.

Anesha said...

Lovely card, I like the use of the string, I can never decide where to put it. Your card works well..
Thanks for the comment on my blog and I have emailed you my address, thanks again for picking me!

Fe-Fe said...

Love your Christmas Card. That Christmas tree is great. Love the little peg too, a great finishing touch.

bubblegum said...

Beautiful card, the tree is great. :) :)

Break a leg :) :)

Debbie x

Anonymous said...

"Hi" Sammie,
Fantastic cards...sorry you lost my post.
Sooo gald you had a lovely time in England with your family.
Sooo nice to see you back.
Hope you are all well:)x

Ana Baird said...

Very cute and pretty card! Love it!

Ana Baird said...

Really cute! Love it!

Katty Bell said...

Hi Sammie,
Glad you enjoyed your time in England, but sorry you took a bug home :( Hope you recover quickly. Your card is wonderful... loads of texture going on, I love it.

Fabrizio said...

Love the card SammieJay perfect for the Christmas challenge. Thank you for putting my banner on your blog. I'm sending you an email as requested. I haven't published your comment on my blog as you put your email on it so I wanted to avoid you getting too much spam. Take care et amuse toi bien auprès du Lac de Genève ! Fab x