Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Funky Fairy says... "Stamp!"

... so I did! I avoid stamping. I buy stamps to make myself learn & still don't! I kept it simple & was still challenged outside my comfort zone. Guess that's why they're called challenges!


Rainbow Lady said...

Don't understand why you don't stamp as this is a lovely creation and my favourite colours too.
Love Cynthia x

Jozza said...

Well for someone who doesn't "do" stamping, you've made a fantastic stamped card :o) Tis lovely.

Thanks for joining in with the challenge again xxx

Karen said...

Well done and thanks for taking on the challenge, and you've produced a beautiful card too!

My husband is about to holiday where you live so if you see a bunch of cyclists flashing past in blue, yellow & white 2nd week in June it will be the Rosporden Club! He's looking forward to all the mountain climbs.

Enfys said...

Well, I don't know why you don't stamp. this is gorgeous. I have another friend who doesn't stamp - she has a hundred of the things hidden away because she's said she 'doesn't stamp' so often she doen't want anyone to see them - a closet stamper! xx

Glee said...

I, too, do not stamp very much so I admire you for giving it a did beautifully! I love this!

Sharon said...

Am I seeing things ???? Have you actually put pad to stamp ??? I love this card, the colour, flowers, stamping, EVERYTHING!!
Sharon :-)x
P.S Normal blogging will resume after the weekend. It's Ciara's First Holy Communion on Sunday & I've been preparing for that as well as getting all the commission orders out of the way so I can relax over the weekend. xx

Dawny P said...

Out of your comfort zone you may have been Sammie but you did a really great job. And I so love that colour. And I love your little inchy. Speaking of little inchies, when it comes to things of a derriere nature (sorry,the grave accent's gone missing lol xx), I'm up there with the best of 'em xxx

Lydia said...

A fantastic card!!! It looks as if you've been stamping all your life!! :0)
Well done x

Thanks for joining us again this week xx

LuLu said...

Sammie, this card is fabulous. You should give stamping more of a try ! Would love to send you some stamped images to play with. Drop me an email. Louise x x

Many thanks for joining in with the challenge this week.

Tracey said...

Your stamping looks fab to me :o)