Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dusting Myself Off But...

.....where to start? Delete my posts to date? Tempting, but that's who I was and part of who I am! Thank you to all my friends who have passed by and hoped that I would return. You've made it possible for me to start again.

So, I'm now living in Norfolk with my elderly mum and my 15 year old son. I'm unemployed and overweight. I know my mum, my son and my sister and her family who live nearby and that is it. Having waited since 2004 (the year of my 40th birthday) for my life to turn around, I'm now determined that 2011 will finally be my year. I'm positive and open-minded -and a bit more than a little bit scared!

However, I hit 2011 running yesterday with an interesting little job which paid expenses only, but did get me out of the house and to a historical spot in Norfolk that I'd never visited. I took advantage of being there by googling craft shops and grabbed a breath of fresh air (2 Weight Watchers pedometer points!) and a rummage ( £7.20 spent on craft stash :S ) I wonder how many days before I make something.... Any guesses???

Woke up today and had an email about yesterday's "operation" -I scored 13 out of 10 for my assignment ?!?!?!?!

Hugs to you all,
S xxx


Sarah said...

Hey you, welcome back to the blogging world. 2011 is certainly going to be your year. I'm a little confused to your score too. Oh well, that shows that anything is possible for you. Looking forward to seeing any crafting you do. Ever tried scrapbooking? Congrats on the job. It's the start of things to come. Love you my wonderful friend xoxoxo

Anesha said...

Hi Sammie Jay,lovely to see you blogging again. Hope that it will not be long before we see a card on your blog with your new stash. Must have been good to get out for a bit. Just keep going forward one day at a time. Hugs Anesha :)

LuLu said...

Sammie its great to see yo back in the land of blog and can't wait to see and hear what you are up to!

Hey Norfolk's not too bad a place to live and I love popping over to Norwich for a small shop.

Hope to see you post again really soon,


Beryl said...

Hi Sammie. Lovely to see you blogging again. Sorry I missed this post (and those that follow) but it won't take me long to catch up. Hugs
Beryl xx