Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Thank you!

I just want to let the "faithful" know that I'm slowly pulling thru & that your (continued) support is very, very much valued.
Warmest to you all,
Sammie xxx


Anesha said...

Great to hear from you Sammie. Sent a private email. Hugs anesha

LuLu said...

Sammie, so sorry to hear your news but glad to see you about again.

Take care of yourself and remember that we are all thinking of you.

Have sent a private email.

Louise x x

Anonymous said...

Sending Big(((Hugs)))to you Sammie....
Get plenty of rest and stay strong!!!

Anki said...

Take good care of yourself and the time that you need. Remember - your own health should come first and remember that you have your blog-friends are here for you whenever you need. Just drop me an email if you want to - I am here for you - Anki

Emma said...

If you need anything please e-mail me (its on my profile). So upset by your news and I wish I was there for you. Please keep in touch. Sending you lots of love Emma.x

Glee said...

Sammie Jay, my tears are flowing for you, my Friend! You are in my thoughts each and every day and you will always be in my heart!


Sarah C said...

Sammie, my love and best wishes are flying across the sea as I type. You make sure that you do what's right for you and you alone. I'm pleased you've been able to let us know how you are and I'm glad that you're stable at least.
Love and hugs for continued rest and relaxation as you deserve it all xxx

Beryl said...

Get well soon Sammie. Have sent you an e-mail.
Beryl xx

Mags said...

Oh Sammie, so sorry to read your news, sending you love & best wishes form a very cold, but bright Norfolk, your home in GB. If you are here again soon, drop me a line.
Take care.

Mags xx