Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I'm now living in a flat in a village (photo) near my ex-family home. I feel like a student in a one-bed flat! I haven't been able to move my stash yet, but I've made a Christmas card from a cross-stitch kit which is much more portable!


Fe-Fe said...

Glad to hear you are back on your feet again so-to-speak. It must feel very strange for you but it does look like a lovely village.

Your Christmas tree card is lovely, such a sweet little cross stitch. I love the little baubles on it.

Hope you settle well into your new flat.

Fe x

Dawny P said...

Yayyyy, nice to have you back in the fold SJ xxx And a fab little card this. I dont have the patience for cross stitch - it does indeed make me cross lol xxx But it's great and I hope you are doing OK in your new home xxxx

Sarah C said...

The village looks like it would be very calm and comforting. Hope you settle in well. Love your card. It's ages since I did any cross-stitching, but you're right in that it takes up far less space.

Love and hugs to you xxxx

Anesha said...

Oh Sammy I have been thinking of you often. It is so great to hear from you. Please send me your new address.
Enjoy your student days :-)...

Beryl said...

Hi Sammie Jay,
Glad to see you're back on the scene - albeit a different one. Hope that you soon settle in after the disruption to your life and also soon get hold of your craft stash. Love from
Beryl xx