Monday, 18 August 2008

Play it Again, Sammie!!!

Thanks for encouraging me to blog. I'll try & post a few times a week. Please leave a "coucou" & I'll pop by your blog. This card is for Rainbow Lady's Music Challenge. It's the most requested one in my musical circles by the girlz for their men.


Rainbow Lady said...

Fabulous card well done Sammie for getting back into the swing of blogland.
Sent an email so hope you got it ok.
Am thinking of you and send much love and hugs
Cynthia xx

iReneM said...

That's a great card Sammie, perfect.
I do hope things start to improve for you soon.

Anesha said...

Hi Sammie
Great to see you posting again. Sending a huge (((HUG))).
Great card, like how you used the red card and the hearts. Great work.

Dawne said...

sammi lovely to see you blogging again i missed you, lovely card.

Dawne xxxx

Dawny P said...

Nice to see you back Sammi xxxx And a nice card as well, to get you back in the swing of things again. Keep your chin up and keep smiling but above all, keep crafting lol xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sammie...Great to see you back blogging!!!Yaah...I missed you sooo much....
Like Dawnie says...
"Keep your chin up ...Keep smiling ...and Keep Blogging"
Your a first class bird!!!lol..I can assure you og that!!!
`Wow` you look great on your hols:):):)

craftypixie said...

Great card,Great blog first time ive seen you Great life you must be having
Hope things are good now with you
Wendy xx

Kim said...

Hi Sammie, you left a comment asking how to email Emma re the forces cards? If you look on her blog and click on view complete profile, there is an Email me link on the left hand side. HTH. Kim

Sarah C said...

Hi ya Sammie. I saw you'd commented on someone's blog, so thought I'd pop in and see if you've blogged recently. And you have. Welcome back. Hope things are going well for you.

I love this card and will totally agree with the sentiment xxx