Friday, 15 May 2009

Two for One

I made a card for ICS 16 & didn't like it at all (the baby card below), so I made another (the Congratulations above) which I much prefer. I found the tiny tree motif at the haberdashers on Norwich market. Isn't it amazing how different the same sketch looks with different colours & contexts?


Kim Y. said...

oh, yeah, I like the second much better too! Really cute birdie!

I colored little bear with Le Plume Markers. A lot of people use copic or pro markers but I havent seen any at my local stores yet. I think I might want to order some online and try them. And the sentiment, email me and I'll forward you a template to plate with. If we don't get to talk again, have a wonderful Birthday!!! Wishing you many more to come!!!

jem said...

Both cards are great Sammie, but the second one is A1. So glad you like the cool Dude card, he reminds me of the gorgeous vampire in the great film twilight. If you want to buy it I'm surely flattered although I know you could make a great one too. I'll put a nice personal insert in with what ever you want it to say. I've just come in from an evening out at the local pub with my hubby, son and inlaws. Duck pannini and a pint of old speckled hen, very agreeable.janex

Fe-Fe said...

These are great cards. You wouldn't think they were both made to the same sketch. I like them both for different reasons.

I love the colours of the lilac one, it's very soft and snuggly, if you know what I mean.

On the top one I love the vibrant colours and the little birds are fab.

Fe x

Beryl said...

I wouldn't have spotted it was the same sketch if you hadn't pointed it out - they are so different. I like them both.
Beryl xx

Cheryl KVD said...

Love the texture on these cards!!

Glee said...

Oh goodness, Sammie....I love both cards! Yes, you are so right -- how the same sketch can look so different when you use different papers, etc. I am a purple fan so I love the baby one but that birdies one just makes me smile! Nice work always, my Friend!

Oh, referring to my post about my recovery, I realized that you did not know what was wrong with me. Well, I had pneumonia and it got into my bloodstream so I was in ICU for seven weeks. I had to have a tracheotomy and my family was told that I would probably not survive. They were at one time given the choice to "pull the plug" because I had a strong chance of never being the same. Lucky for me, they decided to give me longer. I did recover but I had to learn to speak, walk and eat again (that took several more weeks in the hospital.) It was a long journey and I am still recovering. That is why I am going to therapy each week. I can feel that each day I am getting stronger and stronger. My hubby, Dwain, was by my side every single day and my kiddos came so often they almost lost their jobs. I am very blessed!

Fink said...

This is a wonderful card for the ICS sketch! It rocks!

Enfys said...

Super cards Sammie, love those little birdies.
En x