Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Streets of London

I love my Saturdays just wandering through London while Luke is dancing. I spotted this piece of window art in a shop down a sidestreet this week:

You have more freedom than you are using!

What with that motto and "Can you do more than you did before?" from last week, I am collecting positive maxims thick and fast. I think I should start a little note-book. Now, where could I go to buy a nice one lol!


Anesha said...

Love the quote. Hope you have a great week and thanks for the comment on my page. It was a wonderful experience. Hugs Anesha

Sharon said...

That's my girl!! keep those positive vibes coming!!

SU is so much more than just a stamp company & if you get me started I can talk all day about it lol!! Yummy papers, co-ordinating ribbon, ink pads, cardstock etc etc etc!!! I need to spend a day with you & get you stamping!! The SU stamps stamp so clearly it's hard to do anything wrong with them!! I meet a group of retired ladies on a Friday at a nursing home & every one of them is now stamping thanks to SU & a few lessons from me.

I'm starting some card classes very soon . . . . . . . if only you lived nearer!!!! :-(


Sharon xx

Sarah said...

Great idea for a notebook with the sayings in. You need to go shopping :) Love the saying you saw in London xx