Friday, 18 February 2011

Ta Dah!!!

For those of you who don't know, the night dad died, I sat up making cards waiting for the phone call that I knew would come at about 4.00am. I have been unable to craft anything since then, although I have wanted to I just haven't been able to touch all the beautiful bitz and bobz.
Thanks to the support of many people on here, my fingers have been tingling for a few weeks, until this evening I came home to an empty house and heard my boxes of bitz softly calling to me.
This is the first card I have made in 15 months. It took me a ridiculous 3 hours, but it was a mindless and very relaxing time. I literally jumped up and down for joy when I held the finished object up to admire!


Anesha said...

Fantastic work Sammie, love the tea bag folding and the colours work so well. Glad you are able to craft again. Love the new look of your blog. Hugs Anesha :)

Sarah said...

I love the tea bag folding too. Something I've never done. Great colour combination and well done on card making again. Hope to see more from you soon xx

Beryl said...

Well I've ad a catch up on all your fairly recent posts and am trying to picture how life is for you now. Better than a coupe of years back I hope. So glad you found the inspiration to make this lovely card - it doesn't matter that it took a long time - it's the satisfaction of making something beautiful in the end that counts.
Beryl xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sammie ..lots happened since I last stopped by well I am thrilled that you created!!!
I sadly lost my Father very very recently...and all I seem to do is craft craft craft!!!Whatever helps make you feel a little better ,
Way to go with your weight loss you have done sooo well...
Hope you and yours are well....
Take Care lots of loves:) xxxx

Fiona Whitehead said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad Sammie - I lost my beloved mum last year - 2 days after my birthday - I love your card and glad your bitz box started calling to you -now about your address xx

Craftyanny said...

Hi Sammie
Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my card.
Sorry to hear you've been unable to craft since your Dad passed but hopefully now you've taken the first step with this gorgeous card things will be easier.
You can find the sketch I used for my card here
Take care
Anne x